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Saved 144 Hours of Lubrication Pump Operation

Thank you Zortrax!

A few days ago a component of one of our machines has failed. It was a very small gear inside a motor driven lubrication pump, extremely important part of a machine that works 24/7. The machine is crucial for our manufacturing process.

The spare part was due for delivery in 6 days so it would have lost 144 working hours.
After a little hesitation we have decided to try to print it out with the M200. Something that seemed a desperate attempt because some features of the gear were smaller than the smallest admissible thickness of the printer! In fact, it took a couple of trial and error prints, but eventually came out a gear that could be installed and it worked!

Yes of course I could not expect that it was as durable as the original part – made in a special polyamide, but it lasted EXACTLY 6 days!!! In time for the original spare part.